Lethal 70 & Lethal 100 + Free AP2502 bag


Lethal 70 Badminton Racket

Double shaft is replaced with the hollow shaft with a NEW design T-join. That limit the twist angle to 4 degree during our torsion test. It provide a super stable frame during the powerful smash. Frame is much stronger and Max. Tension can go up to 35lbs. One of the best attacking Badminton Racket you can find.

Specification : -

Frame Material : 30T HM Graphite ( Mitsubishi M30 ) + Titanium Mesh
Shaft Material : 40T HM Graphite ( Toray M40)
Flex : Stiff
Shaft Dia. : 7.6 mm
Weight : 3U (86-89g) G2
Length : 675mm
Max Tension : 35lbs
Balance : 290 � 3mm (Head Heavy)

Special Features :-

  • ISO frame
  • Multi-layer Linear Fiber construction shaft.
  • Ultra Low Twisting angle on Tosion test.

Lethal 100 Badminton Racket

Chrome Braided Graphite with Carbon Nano Tube.
Fast Hex X-Section Frame Shape
90Gm with Medium Stiff
Max Tension go to 33/36lbs(main/cross).
Product Review : blog.apacscanada.com

Specification :

Frame : 30T HM Graphite + 3K Woven + Carbon Nano Tube + Chrome Braided Graphite
Shaft : 50T HM Graphite + 3K Woven + Carton Nano Tube + Chrome Braided Graphite
Head Shape : ISO, Extremem Power Frame, 72 holes
Length : 675mm
Weight : 90 ± 1g
Balance Pt. : 285 ± 3mm (Head Heavy)
Shaft Dia. : Ø 7.0mm
Max Tension :


FREE AP-2502 Badminton Bag

AP-2502 Double Compartments Badminton Bag

Available Options:
Tension (main/cross):

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